A Test of Spirit + Joy / by Shelby Robinson

December always brings so much joy to me. The gorgeous snow, the holidays, the decorating, all of the family time -- it's that month of the year that I look forward to most when the first snow falls. 

But the record-breaking ice storm and power outages that swept Michigan this week left many families {including mine} without power, heat, and even water for days. // Our home was a chilling 40 some degrees. You couldn't sleep. The space heaters barely kept the house warm enough so the pipes wouldn't freeze and burst. // It was truly a test of not only patience, but of holiday spirit + joy.

It wasn't until I was nestled up on the couch with my family on Christmas Eve that I realized the hilarity + insignificance of the power outage. It made me remember all over again what Christmas means at our house. No, it isn't the presents, the music, those homemade cinnamon rolls mom makes, or the booze (even though I could argue contrarily), it is simply being with one another. Being in the company of those that matter most. Truly, just being

And besides, the ice storm made this place just gorgeous. Icicles, white blankets, snowy hills + trees for days. I love it.