Handmade Business Cards / by Shelby Robinson

Making things by hand feels so real to me.

Maybe because I grew up crafting + creating with my mom, but man do I feel accomplished when I can actually hold something in the hands that I made them with.

When I was preparing for a portfolio review in Detroit, handmade business cards seemed only fitting. I wanted a subtle piece that would effortlessly explain who I am. Plus they were so fun to make!

To make these personalized business cards, you'll need heavy weight paper, a fine-tip rolling pen, scissors, a stamp of choice (I used the vintage letterpress "s" that my mom got me for Christmas) and a stamp pad.

Once you have the materials, the process is pretty straightforward: trace the hexagon shape using a ruler and scissors, cut the shape out, and use the stamp + pen to create something that fits you. I stamped the letter "s" onto the front, and added all of my information on the back. So simple!

Even if you don't make your own business cards, I encourage you take the time to create something by hand. {A personalized letter to a friend. A love note. A grocery list.}

There is something so soothing and magical about making pretty things with your hands.

Side-note: have you noticed that there is a cat in nearly every post? I just noticed that last night. Oops.