self 01 / by Shelby Robinson

I struggle with whether or not I should share photos of myself. Whether I should even take selfies to begin with. Will I appear too full of myself? Too narcissistic?

Squash all of the fears, and here I am. I'm not perfect.... none of us are. I have flaws, things I should improve on, days where I am oozing with confidence, and days where I feel far from beautiful. But this is me: with all my flaws, my quirks, my mistakes. Me in this beautiful, frozen moment. Me right now. And you know what? I would rather give my entire self to the people I love than shut them out in fear of what they think. I know I am a work in progress. I'm learning every single day. We all are.


This past year has tested me. Through a bad breakup, graduation, a few poor life decisions, to leaving a home with my best friends, I've become the person I am in this very moment. And through all the changes and the many broken hearts, I've made a vow to myself to explore and love the depths of my soul. To nurture my heart. To feel every emotion. To fall in love with all of me. And dammit, I'm happy. I can honestly say I've never been happier.

So I say fuck it to the selfie-haters. Because in these small moments with myself, I am happy. And I want to remember this day with just me, my camera, the evening sunny glow, and my perfect backyard.

It's moments like these I'll miss. 'Cause life is about to drastically change here in the next few months.

But I know I'll be ready.