5 Ways to Spread More Love / by Shelby Robinson


Valentine's Day has always been one of my favorites despite its negative connotation. Come on guys, a day full of love? And who can possibly resist those heart-shaped candies?

The holiday is not just a day to Instagram the flowers you got or to be depressed because you don't have a Valentine, but a day to express your love for the amazing people in your life {friends, family, or your significant other}. I've jotted down a small list of things to do this Valentine's Day {or year round} to show people how much you care about them.

1. Write them a note. Honestly, what is simpler than grabbing a sheet of paper and pen and writing a nice card? Send a letter to your grandma, tell your roommate good luck on an exam, or write your boyfriend a love letter. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, receiving a note alone will make them smile.

2. Make them their favorite meal. So simple. So effective. Eating together is a wonderful thing.

3. Buy them their favorite drink. Whether it's a triple-shot latte or a beer, everyone has a favorite. And let's be honest, that drink can make your day. {The best part of my day is that first cup of coffee in the morning. Or the 3 PM latte.}

4. Compliment them. Do you love how generous your best friend is? Tell them. Like their new haircut? Let them know. Uplift those around you!

5. Teach them how to do something that you love. Who doesn't love learning new things? I bet you have hobbies or interests that are different from your loved ones. Find them and share! 

Do you have any other suggestions for spreading more love this week? I'd love to hear!