Style // Stevie Nicks / by Shelby Robinson

I’m delighted to announce the first post of a continued style series on the blog! This series will feature fashion inspiration from artists, musicians, friends, and occasionally a couple of personal pieces I love. I can’t wait to explore + share some awesome things with you.

My love for music blossomed from my parents. That being said, I think I owe my most recent fascination with Stevie Nicks to them. (Thanks mom + dad).

My younger years were filled with a lot of their favorite music {Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Paul Simon, Elton John, James Taylor} that influenced me in some way or another. On long car rides, my mom would ask “Do you know who sings this?” and “What else do they sing?” weaved in between conversations of life and happiness and ideas. I miss those car rides.

It wasn’t until recently that I looked to this gal for fashion inspiration. I don't think I even thought of Stevie as a style icon until Katie said something to me.

And damn, she’s a rockstar.

So far this is what I've gathered: her stage pieces usually consisted of some form of chiffon, velvet, lace, or a combination of the three. Her stylist, Margi Kent, would actually go to flea markets to find Edwardian lace for her outfits. Stevie would wear a gold chiffon piece during 'Gold Dust Woman' and a black top hat and velvet during 'Gypsy'. Her stage presence was completely put together by Margi. So inspiring.

Images found on The Nicks Fix