5 Places I Want to Travel to Right Now / by Shelby Robinson

I've been at a standstill creatively as of late. Hence the absence in my blogging game.

This unwanted cold, crazy busyness, and slight fear of what's going to happen when I graduate in May has been weighing me down. Weird things, I tell you.

All I seem to crave lately is to travel. To get out. Walk barefoot in the grass. See things I've never seen before. I'm constantly planning camping trips in my head, constantly thinking of where I want to visit this summer, constantly daydreaming. It's so darn exciting. And so invigorating.

To bide my time, I've put together a list of the top five places I want to travel to in the next few years. {Bear with me, some aren't super realistic, but I'm hoping that at some point in my life they will be.} If anything, I hope these gorgeous photos take you away from this dismal weather for a moment.

1. Pictured Rocks, Michigan

The Upper Peninsula is one of the best kept secrets of the Midwest. As a kid, some of my best memories were our four or five day long excursions north with my parents. My dad would always take us to Grand Marais and Devil's Slide where we'd explore the beaches for sunken ship treasures and Petoskey Stones for hours. I'm adding this to my summer travel list.

2. Washington Coast

I feel like this is a given. The Upper West Coast seems like such a magical place; those foggy days, gray beaches, and mountains. Mmm.

3. Iceland

With its lava fields and mountains and glaciers, Iceland seems like one of the most breathtaking places in the world. Liz does an excellent job explaining her experience in the country when she road-tripped with three of her friends in this post.

4. Red Rocks, Colorado

Come on, the Red Rocks Amphitheater? I'm just going to go ahead and call you crazy if you don't want to see a show there.

5. Seoul, Korea

My friend Jackie lives in Seoul teaching English right now and most definitely has influenced my thought that it is such a wonderful and gorgeous place. A few of my work friends are also from Seoul and speak great things.

What else should I add to this list? Any places you're dying to go to? Please share!

Top graphic made by me | All images via 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5