The Power of Photographs / by Shelby Robinson

I love mornings like this. A cup of coffee, my laptop and some great tunes. My favorite moments.

Sifting and editing. Editing and sifting. Choosing. Thinking. Rethinking. Creating.

I looked back through a few photos I shot for my high school's yearbook this morning (mind you, this was approximately four and a half years ago) and it brought a smile to my face. I don't know if it's the fact that these four years have flown by, or if I've just been ultra-nostalgic lately, but man is it crazy to see how much my life has transformed. How much my photography abilities have grown. How certain people have weaved their little quirks and their small stories and big dreams in and out of my life. And how some people have been a part of my life for so, so long. I'm so grateful for them.

These shots - with a group of lovely, fashionable, ultra-enthusiastic gals - were taken as a farewell to a memorable four years in East Lansing. One thing that always amazes me is the power of a single photograph to not only capture a moment, but a feeling. And these small snippets in time will be a part of their lives forever.

And that's what keeps me going. Keeps me shooting and capturing and creating: the power of these things we call photographs. Because in that one frozen moment, with the people you love, everything is so real. And happy.

A small reminder of the best times. It's a beautiful thing.