Williamston's Limner Press / by Shelby Robinson

A few MSU Media Sandbox students and I took a day trip to Williamston last week to witness a gorgeous letterpress in action. As a lover of design and typography, the entire printmaking process was just fascinating (the amount of time it takes to develop a layout + set the type + prep the machine = insane).

We were welcomed with warm smiles and conversation from both Don and Wendy. They walked us through the entire printing process, showed us collections of their work, and shared a bit about themselves.

Their story: Don's grandfather and father were both printers so he was essentially a printmaker at birth. Wendy grew up in Michigan and went to art school in California (sidenote: she is an excellent artist). The two met in a print shop and they've been in love + printing ever since.

Limner Press is one of those places that just draws you in because of their warm energy and knowledge. Together, the two create gorgeous business cards, wedding invitations, books, and anything you can imagine. So, I encourage you, if you ever need beautiful prints made from a real letterpress, stop into Limner Press. Not only will you get an amazing finished product, but the process will be so enjoyable. These two are just wonderful folks. Thank you again, Don and Wendy!