Light and Life and Other Things / by Shelby Robinson

I've been putting a lot of thought lately into what it means to be more intentional in your craft. To take photos for a purpose, rather than for the beauty of them alone. To use photography as a means of storytelling and relating it to meaningful aspects of life.

This series of shots, taken with one of my oldest and greatest friends, air a sense of joy and ease and love. Of the start of summer. Of dewy summer mornings and breezy nights. Of flowy clothes and barefoot walks and soul connections.

Of yoga on the deck and sunkissed noses and lemony hair. Of laughing til your stomach hurts at that one time we cut out little paper hearts and put flowers in our hair and took photos when we were 18. Of joy and hurt and love and pain and.... of life. Because damn, through it all, life is so effing beautiful.

I hope you take the time to remember that today.

Didn't Lindsey just kill it? One of my favorite ladies to shoot yet.