come join me on the grid / by Shelby Robinson

I've been using VSCO for over a year now.

For those of you don't know what it is, it's a photo editing app that allows you to retouch and enhance all of your smartphone photos. It's like a little mini Photoshop at your fingertips. It's wonderful. The photos above are all taken with my phone and edited with VSCOcam (granted, they're a bit pixelated because they came from my small phonescreen, but bear with me). And not to mention, the VSCO community! It's such a lovely community of artists, photographers, and otherwise just creative folks sharing moments around the world.

The Grid is one big curated grid of the best photos within the community. It oozes with life and creativity. Just take a look and you'll know what I mean.

You can make your own curated grid, too! Here's mine. It's similar to an Instagram feed, but I use it strictly for photos (and not long quotes or life-happenings).

Have a grid yourself? Share the link to it below, or come join me! I would love to be friends.