iPeople lately / by Shelby Robinson

It's been a wonderful, wonderful thing to be out of school and to have the time to breathe.

To have days off that are actually days off.

To have the time to take day-trips to visit your little sister and grab coffee with old friends and go to rock concerts. To have the time to plan photo-shoots and meet some really awesome people. To have the time to explore the cities in the state I call home (for now).

I've spent some time with these wonderful people over the past month or so and was lucky enough to capture them with my iPhone (hence, iPeople):

1. Olivia / we met for coffee and wandered in East Lansing  2. Jeremy / we grabbed coffee and wandered in Ann Arbor  3. Self / I chopped my bangs last week!  4. Spencer / regular coffee and shooting meetings with this guy  5. This Dude / he really rocked out during The Black Keys show in Detroit   6. Kat / on set for the Free People Somerset shoot in Detroit

I'm hoping Fall will bring opportunity for loads more people and places.