first week in south korea / by Shelby Robinson

It's been a whirlwind.

It's hard to think that a week ago I was still on the plane coming from the states to Seoul. So nuts.

This week has been filled with adjusting to a new time zone, a new work schedule, a new eating pattern, a new sleeping pattern, etc. Communicating with my students who speak little English has been a challenge. Ordering food has been a challenge (I ordered three chicken burgers instead of one the other night). Navigating the subway system has been a challenge. Every day has been a challenge. And it's okay. More than okay! It's been wonderful.

Friday night I met up with other foreign teachers in the area for a few drinks at a bar called the Pink Mong (this place is full of cheesy Christmas decor and bad American music, BUT they serve in English), which was so refreshing because (no joke) I hadn't seen anyone but Koreans since stepping off the plane. It was so refreshing to be able to have full conversations in English and meet people from all over the world. These folks are the coolest.

Saturday I was able to meet up with the lovely Kate and her friend Alex in Seoul, specifically in Insadong, for eats and shopping. We got some Korean food (bibimbap, seafood pancake, some sort of meatball, and a whole bunch of sides) and wandered through the district. We ended our day with these yummy almond biscuits and drinks.

Sunday was spent editing some of these here photos, cleaning my apartment, and meeting with a new friend for a walk around Munsan. The walk just so happened to be a trail filled with all of these old military bunkers and sandbags, which was so insane to see. I'm assuming that if North Korea ever attacks, this is where the soldiers will head to (don't worry, it is very safe here). The last photo above is inside of one of the bunkers.

It's been a wonderful week of new and exciting things. I am missing home a whole lot, but it's so nice to know that all my favorite people are just a Kakao message or Skype session away. Thank you friends and family for being so lovely and supportive. I couldn't do this big move without your unconditional love and support (for real). Lots of love from South Korea!