My Korean Bathroom / by Shelby Robinson

When I first got to my apartment in Korea, I was pretty shocked to see no tub and no shower in my bathroom. Shocked to see just a hose attached to my sink.

Mornings were a little awkward as I tried to navigate the new experience (showering without getting my towel wet or figuring out how to have warm water was next to impossible) and like most things, I missed my "normal" shower back home.

But I've seriously grown to love the space. I have so much room! And it makes cleaning my bathroom incredibly simple ~ I can scrub and rinse my sink, floor, walls, and toilet in one fell swoop. It's an awesome thing. The greens are a nice touch too. My mornings are spacious and simple and lovely.

Learning not to judge and criticize things I'm not familiar with. Learning to keep my mind and heart open. Always learning.