good things lately / by Shelby Robinson

A collection of iPhone photos from April ~ June. The yoga retreat at Jirisan (Jiri Mountain), the rice paddies along the East Sea, random moments in my neighborhood. And some things I've been grateful for lately:

+ It's good to have quiet moments to myself. To have Friday evenings with no plans, to do whatever my soul needs. And last Friday I needed to skim through a gardening book in a cafe, observe the energy around me and sip an iced Americano. And so I did.

+ It's good to build others up. To notice the good in them. To pour love and light into them. To comment when they do something beautiful. To be compassionate. To look past flaws. To never talk badly about them. To remember that gossiping and negativity are no bueno.

+ It's good to make friends over the Internet...! This world is so big and so full of love and joy and goodness and like-minded and lovely people are everywhere. I am thankful for my new friends and connections over email and Instagram and Facebook. You are all so beautiful and inspire my life in more ways than you know.

+ It's good to meet people in-person, too. The people I've met over the past few months have made Korea my home. And for that, I am forever grateful.

+ It's good to be as present as possible. Especially at school, with my kids, when I am stressed and frustrated at what page we are supposed to be on in our books. C'mon, Shelby, it's a PAGE. A page. Relax, breathe. These kids are love. They are light. They are beautiful, genuine, unique little beings. Always, always, always take a step back. Be present for them. Love them every day. (A work in progress.)

+ It's good to have spontaneous Sundays with new faces and people I love. Even if that means long Mondays.

Hope you have lots and lots of good things to be grateful for too...!