hello fall / by Shelby Robinson

Fall is in the air. I can feel it. The cool mornings and evenings, the rice fields changing from forest green to yellow-green to golden hues, the foods at the market slowly disappearing to be replaced with other seasonal deliciousness.

I've always been a person to really enjoy the change in seasons. To need them. To ignite an excitement deep within my bones, a gentle little reminder that as the seasons are changing, I'm changing too. A reminder to allow the change to flow through me rather than against me.

I feel especially lucky that I am in a place that has four seasons and that I am here long enough to experience all of them. It's been really magical. And now I'm ready to witness what my final season in Korea is like. Here are a few things I am looking forward to most:

  • Drinking ~ Hot chai teas and morning coffee while the sun peaks through my window.
  • Eating ~ Warm, slow cooked meals (especially this lentil soup).
  • Learning ~ More in-depth about the technical side of photography. You can take loads of free online classes here.
  • Writing ~ Weekly. My worries, happiness, action. Taking time to note each in detail.
  • Anticipating ~ Lindsey's arrival. She'll be here for 10 days in November (!!!).
  • Listening ~ to Lord Huron's Strange Trails. The lyrics and vibes are so perfect for the season.
  • Practicing ~ Meditation each morning. I've been saying I'd do it for months, but I finally have a good groove going. I'll keep you posted.
  • Enjoying ~ Long bike rides, Sereoksan hikes, and sunny blue skies. The bluest I've ever seen.
  • Remembering ~ That life isn't perfect. Sometimes it's a chaotic mess. Sometimes I feel empty and just wish I could be home, on my couch, head in my mama's lap. And sometimes it's fucking beautiful. Sometimes I'm surrounded by amazing, hilarious friends enjoying Korean food, engaged in inspiring conversation, and I'm just like yea, this is it. The highs and lows are inevitable. And that's okay. I'm remembering to embrace it all.
  • Traveling ~ To this insanely gorgeous island next weekend.
  • Planning ~ Post-Korea travel adventures. Southeast Asia, bits of California, back home to Michigan. I'm stupid excited.

Goodbye, summer. I enjoyed your lusciousness and hot, hot rays, your cucumber, apple, avocado smoothies and bingsu binges. But fall, I'm so ready for you.

What are you most excited for?