good things lately / by Shelby Robinson

Eight months.

It seems so silly to me that this amount of time has gone by. But then when I really think back to my first, second or third month here or I read old journal entries I think, oh my god I was a completely different person. I feel like I have grown more here in the past eight months than I would in four years back home. No joke. And I think it's because I was forced to. Forced to change and adapt and figure myself out loads more. It's a really lovely thing to know that when my contract is up in four months, I will be completely different from who I am now. In a good way.

Eight months ago I wrote a post about my first week in South Korea. Coincidentally, I had met up with Kate in Seoul that weekend too. Meeting up with her sporadically throughout our Korean journeys has been such a pleasure. And comparing both sets of photos from then and now was such a joy, too.


Here are a few good things I'm grateful for lately ~

+ Exploring new parts of Seoul. I haven't spent too much time in the Myeongdong and Bukchon areas, and I'm so happy I did on Sunday. This city has so much more to offer than I realize.

+ The views in this country. They constantly blow me away. You can be in the heart of the hustle and bustle and look up to see a giant, beaming mountain in front of you. It's so good.

+ Friends and family, near and far, who send me love on my birthday. This weekend was so special to me and I'm convinced it's because you all made it that way. Even though I wasn't home, I felt everyone's love and presence. And for the people here who made it special, you are such beautiful souls. Thank you.

+ Rooftops and wine. It's funny when Kate and I get together because we not only catch up on life in Korea, but we are also reminiscent of our home lives and our friends and of college. I love having her here.

+ Street food. Oh my god, especially egg bread. The one Kate's holding in the picture is an egg bread with almonds and sunflower seeds and peanuts on top. It tastes like a mix between an egg mcmuffin and cornbread, but better. And for $1.

+ Korea. Because sometimes I can sit and complain and hate on it because dammit I just want fresh avocados and cheap wine and Mexican food at my fingertips, but it's such a beautiful place. The people, the nature, the mountains, my kids, the kimbap and side dishes and tteokbokki.... I'm remembering to love it even when I don't. Because I know I will miss it when I'm home.

What are you grateful for lately? I'd love to know....!