senior portraits: meghan / by Shelby Robinson

Each winter, I find myself in a bit of a rut. A little uninspired. A little restless. It's dark. And very cold. Taking my camera out seems more challenging than it did in the summer. 

But this day, this shoot, was one of those sweet moments that brought back that spark again. It was one of those "wow, connecting with people and documenting their lives and passions is actual magic" moments. It was such a deep reminder of why I do what I do. And a reminder to keep doing it. That despite having  a 9 - 5, keeping these photography side projects going is so important. 

Meghan is such a sweet, talented, passionate human.

This summer, we took some of her senior portraits on one of the most mosquito-filled days we've ever experienced, so meeting up again this winter was such a treat. We both agreed we'd take the cold over mosquitoes any day. I felt all kinds of gratitude to be able to spend the day with her, laughing and talking about how she feels so much more comfortable behind the camera while she's on the ice than on land (which I really beg to differ because both are equally as beautiful). We ended the night with hot tea and conversations about future plans at the Corbett counter... a place that I spent countless hours at in high school with my girl, Lindsey.

It was a really special day. 

Documenting for others is seriously one of the coolest things. I'm excited for all of the new projects and connections that 2017 will bring.