wild and tame / by Shelby Robinson

I've been home for exactly three months today. It's hard not to measure time by the amount of time that I've been back. It's hard not to compare my life to how it was then.

Time is moving so much faster than it did in Korea. Three months from now, where will I be? Where should I be? Where are my friends at? Where was I this time last year? Physically? Emotionally? Mentally?

It's hard not to fall into a state of comparison. Comparison of what my life should look like versus what the lives of my Facebook friends and life heroes look like.

March, April and May brought endless coffee and lunch dates, day trips to Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids and Detroit, shoots on Lake Michigan, an Instagram Meetup, lavender lattes and Korean food, yoga classes and self-portraits, moments bonding deeper with my family and my dog and my friends, a new job that I love for the vibe and the people and the fact that I get to serve awesome food and joy all day, moments remembering Korea and the freedom that living abroad brought, lists of summer goals and trip planning. 

Regardless of where I'll be in one month, three months, twelve months, this is all I really know: to strive for balance. To find a balance between intention and free-spiritedness. To seek mind and body well being (which sometimes means a little taming and planning). And to sometimes let go of a little control to make space for that sweet wildness.

And to focus more on how my life feels rather than how it looks. Because it doesn't matter what it looks like on the outside, what others think I should be doing, but what my day-to-day spirit is telling me. If my routines bring me more peace and joy rather than anxiety and uneasiness, then things are good. Life is in balance.

Let's all try that. Let's all focus on purpose and spontaneity and let's all live with the intention of treating our minds and our bodies right.

Fast and slow paced. Stillness and movement. Patio drinks and yoga classes. Knowing and mystery. Wild and tame.

What balance are you striving for lately?