jackie: my san chingu / by Shelby Robinson

Our first adventure together was in late January, right after I arrived.

Jackie had already been living in Korea for over a year.

We met in Seoul Station and adventured to Bukhansan, to climb the mountain alongside Koreans brave enough to face the ice and snow. We laughed as we climbed up the peak (literally climbed, I was on all fours to avoid falling off the side of the cliff) and shared kimbap and makkeoli with our new friends. We went our separate ways that night, and Sunday was filled with warm showers and a full heart. 

As the year went on, we found ourselves on even more adventures together: in Bali over Chinese New Year, on bikes along the Han River in the springtime, getting matching tattoos in Seoul on the Fourth of July, drinking soju and craft beer with friends.

Jackie moved home in August.

This past Sunday, we met for coffee and caught up on stories and adventures of the last ten months apart. I'm reminded how important it is to find like-minded pals who like to travel and see the world through beautiful eyes (but really, doesn't Jackie have the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen?!).

Jack, thanks for reminding me of the beauty of Asia and the world and to be patient with myself here at home- cause I'm still adjusting. Thanks for being a loving, open, honest friend. Always n always my san chingu <333