The Power of Rest

I am pleased to introduce you to the wonderful and talented Naomi, of Numie Abbot. Naomi is a blogger, photographer, and just a down-to-earth and inspiring gal who I had the pleasure of meeting on my visit to Philadelphia. We instantly hit if off over conversations of travel and photography. I'm so happy to have met in person!

Naomi is over here to share a few habits and practices she has to keep herself grounded and to keep her soul at ease. The following are her lovely words and photos.

When you first asked me what routines I have that keep me in touch with myself, my beliefs, and my spirit, I had to think a lot. The truth is, I don’t have a whole ton of routine. But when I look past all of the changing variables – trips, work, birthdays, concerts, happy hours – there is one constant that I always come back to, and that is rest.

Now, if you know me, you might not think that it’s true. People tend to look at me as a go-go-go kind of person. I get a lot done, but I swear, I wouldn’t be able to do it without moments of mindful relaxation. 

Through yoga and meditation I’ve been taught to live in the present, and I’ve found this training to be really helpful for finding relaxation. If I’m able to sit down on the couch after a long busy day, my mind is present, I am there, and I’m soaking it up. The same goes for situations that we wouldn’t normally think of as relaxing. When on a run, I quiet my mind and let it be empty of thought. No matter how my day has gone, I always look for ways to let go and recharge. It’s important to consciously acknowledge the down time, breathe into it, let life go, and relax. 

I believe that the ability to do so is the secret to staying grounded and productive. Think about it this way; you can run a farther distance if you take breaks every so often, but try and run flat out and you’re not going to get as far. It’s the same way with life. Hard work without pause will not yield as great of results. It’s actually just plain self-abuse. Without rest, you’re pounding yourself into the ground, and you tend to lose sight of why. Calm moments allow you to eventually push on harder, to stay in touch with yourself, and to remember who you are and what you want to focus your energies on. 

We can get really caught up in the busyness of our lives – the mountains of work on our plates – but return to a restful state every so often, and all of that craziness will be less distracting. You can see life for what it is.

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